McDowell Healing Arts Center

I have an extensive history with youth programing and clinical practice with youth. I've spent the last few years working with adults, families, and children who have severe emotional disturbances. I currently work with youth who are adjudicated as well as youth who just might be going through your typical transitions. I have years of crisis experience with adults and youth. One couldn't work with young people without working alongside their parents or guardians also. Therefore, my ideal client is any adult, youth, or teen who is transitioning through life or any person who may be trying to figure some things out along their path.

I partner with my clients and I use their strengths, talents, abilities, and culture as the foundation to help them to reach their goals. I believe that everyone has a certain level of strength and sometimes that strength needs to be awaken. Depression, Anxiety, ADHD, life transitions, Anger, trauma/grief, & relationship issues are just some specialties.

If you want to reach out or have more questions, please don't hesitate. If your looking for a non-judgmental partner to come along side you as you are figuring things out, please give me a call. Our office is called McDowell Healing Arts Center and we are located in Saginaw, Michigan in a comfortable yet professional suite, where we are excited to meet you.

Timothy M. Walker, MSW, LLMSW

Limited Licensed Master Social Worker

Mental & Behavioral Health Clinical Therapist