McDowell Healing Arts Center


Masters of Early Childhood Studies

Masters of Social Work Candidate 

Chief Operating Officer

In terms of my education, I began my studies at Pensacola Christian College, in Pensacola Florida and completed 3 year’s worth of course work that concentrated in Business and Administration.  After moving back to Michigan, I pursued course work in Social Work but found a way to combine my previously completed studies at Pensacola with coursework at Spring Arbor University, therefore, I was able to complete a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management & Organizational Development from there. Over time I’ve also taken Master level course work in both Human Services and Early Childhood Studies with a concentration in Administration, too help complement my then work in the Saginaw school systems.  

My work experience has spanned both the Business and Management field to working with children who have special needs to also being a Home Health provider to my aging and terminally ill parents. I was the Office Manager at General Optical in Flint Michigan for 10 years where I supervised staff, did billing, payroll, and many of the human resources functions for new and existing employees. I was an Assistant Store Manager for Walgreens Pharmacy for 3 years where many of my main functions were interviewing, hiring, training, supervising, payroll, and book keeping.

For 6 years I had been working in the education system with children who have special education needs and helping them to reach their academic goals. Other functions include but were not limited too teaching, curriculum formation, and behavior management. For the last year and half I have been operating in the role of Chief operating officer, at McDowell Healing Arts Center. 

I recently began pursuing another Masters Degree in Clinical Social Work at Simmons College with hopes to eventually combine all of my experiences and work clinically with children and families.