McDowell Healing Arts Center

"Whether it is behavioral, emotional, a major change in life, something that you cannot quite put your finger on, or all of the above, that has you looking at this page, congratulations for being brave. The decision to go to therapy is not always an easy one, nor is choosing a therapist. The idea of change or talking to a stranger can be uncomfortable, but often times in confronting discomfort we can find a little freedom. I hope this little blurb gives you some direction on whether my therapy style is right for you.

I practice client centered therapy. For me, that means that providing an empathetic, supportive, and understanding space for people to be heard is the most important thing. I believe that there is no one size fits all treatment. While some behavior patterns across populations maybe common, the things each person needs to heal and grow, are unique. I draw on a variety of modalities to ensure that treatment meets each individual’s needs.

I graduated from Michigan State University with my master’s in clinical social work. I have experience working with trauma, depression, anxiety, personality disorders, co-dependency, and domestic violence. While my career in therapy is new, I have worked in mental health for the past 10 years in different capacities other than therapy.  My current hours are evenings and occasionally weekends. I hope this was enough to inform your decision on therapy and maybe I will see you soon."

Amber Joy Kochanny-Sheck, LLMSW
Behavioral Health Therapist

Amber J. Kochanny Sheck, LLMSW

Limited Licensed Master Social Worker

Mental & Behavioral Clinical Therapist.